In Delta Security we believe that stable and dynamic growth is possible owing to constant improvement of employees’ competencies. Upgrading skills through regular training is our tested way to raise quality at every level of organization functioning.

We are passionate about your development

The comprehensive training which help us to maintain the high level of provided services is conducted on a regular basis. We benefit from the knowledge of our qualified team of experts and trainers.

Our permanent training cycle includes among other things:


training on safety and hygiene at work, fire protection and on-the-job training.. All employees of Delta Security participate in the training and it is a crucial condition for starting work in a security team. Appropriate documents confirm the completion of training.


Dedicated training – we ensure that our employees improve their skills and competencies and perform their duties according to the highest standards applied in our industry. While preparing training programmes we permanently cooperate with specialised services including Police, Fire Protection and Municipal Police.


Training in first aid – benefiting from the knowledge and experience of our instructors we regularly train our employees in widely understood subject of first aid including skills of using equipment for resuscitation (defibrillator and others).


Training in so-called soft skills – this courses focus on determining a specific behaviour in the conditions in which the organization operates. Such training includes among other things communication skills as well as knowledge of organizational culture of the company and business etiquette.

People are important

In Delta Security we are constantly analysing the training needs of our workers and adapt training programmes to the present needs of individuals and teams. The company supports professional development and creation of individual career paths on the basis of a rule that candidates from internal recruitment have priority when filling executive and managerial vacancies.

Results are important

Effectiveness of conducted training is systematically evaluated through


tests and talks with an immediate superior,


exams are organized by certified training companies,


current and periodical analyses of the work of individual employees and teams,


current and periodical external audits of our services.

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