Technical Security Measures

Everything under control

In 21st century it seems impossible to provide comprehensive security services without the support of the latest technologies. Thus in Delta Security we constantly work on innovative solutions allowing to efficiently ensure the security of our Clients. We have introduced an original system of technical protection which is adjusted to suit each client individually. We have successfully designed and implemented security systems for banks, hotels, shopping centres, commercial, industrial and public utility facilities.

A design of technical protection system is drawn up every time after conducting a comprehensive security audit which consists of extended analysis of potential risks and dangers.

Advanced technology

We specialise in design, installation and operation of advanced security systems with comprehensively configured functions. Our offer of services includes:


design of systems adapter to the nature and function of an object,


installation of system both in large facilities and individual Clients,


permanent monitoring service,


24 hour service for technical securities installed by us.

Functionally and unfailingly

Technical securities offered by us include among other installation of:

Burglary and robbery signalling systems (SSWiN)

Burglary signalling system consists in specialised installations of devices which detect motion within the area of their surveillance. In the event of detecting motion the detectors send the recorded signal to the Delta Security Alarm Monitoring Centre (AMC). The operator of AMC informs an intervention group located as near as possible and the owner about the breach of security area. Owing to our long experience we offer systems adjusted to every type of facility including flats, private houses and public utility facilities as well as office complexes.

Video Surveillance CCTV

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a system of cameras aiming to transmit the image of the area given and to monitor the rooms and space where they have been installed. The system consists of cameras and wiring connecting them with a recorder, and the recorder which saves the images (storage time depends on hard disk capacity – archiving can last even three months back). Assembly of CCTV opens up new possibilities of monitoring what is happening in your home or company. Advanced technology give an opportunity to view the image in real time from anywhere on the globe by means of special laptop or phone application.

Access control systems

Access control system is a wide range of technical solutions (including gates, card readers and in case of more advanced systems fingerprint verification and even face recognition of retinal scanners) intended to prevent any access to the controlled area by unauthorized persons. Depending on the needs of our Clients we offer several solutions from basic tools of motion monitoring to professional building management systems and their safety systems.

Toxic gases detection systems

Toxic gases detection systems are specialised installations consisting of detectors revealing excessive concentrations of such gases as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide. In such situations alarm signal and suction-ventilation fans are started up, additionally the main valve of gas supply is closed. Owing to our long experience we offer systems adjusted to every type of facility including premises exposed to gas release or gas compensation (boiler rooms, garages, logistic centres) as well as flats and private houses exposed to carbon dioxide emission.

Interphone systems and video-interphone systems

Interphones are electronic devices for voice communications for short distance, usually between an external cassette of intercom and a handset installed inside the premises. The communication doesn’t go through a central services. Video-interphones have additional function of recording and transmitting image improving identification of a person calling and allowing to monitor the surroundings. Delta Security’s offer includes interphone systems adapter to every type of property including residential houses and office facilities, hotels etc.

24-hours technical assistance – we are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We will respond to your call immediately. In case of an emergency we are able to provide people in the right place as quickly as possible. With Delta Security you don’t have to count only on yourself. Now you can count on us, too.

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