Security Audits

Security Audit is a service aiming to carefully verify security level of a facility.

Security Audit is a service aiming to carefully verify security level of a facility. The essence of this Audit is to provide a thorough analysis of information about the current state of security, define the most important threats (both inside the facility and its surroundings), assessment of effectiveness of security service and accuracy of security procedures to the level of threats.

Security Audit enables to comprehensively evaluate the security system applied at the facility and thus optimise and modify it in order to more accurately select its structures and potential dangers. Delta Security specialises in audits at all stages of the facility functioning, including planning and constructing stages as well as everyday functioning.

Security Audit Department of Delta Security comprises highly qualified security experts who possess extensive experience and essential knowledge. They hold the Certificate of Physical Security Auditor for facilities and other documents confirming their competencies in the field of security management.

Delta Security specialises in Security Audits in the following areas:
  • internal audits of facilities protected by Delta Security,
  • audits of facilities which are not protected by Delta Security, including analyses of technical, fire, IT and mechanical security of facilities of various purpose and operating profile,
  • Audit-related activities including economic intelligence, investigating the business environment and competitors’ activities, verifying clients’ financial credibility, consultation on criminal expertise and detective services,
  • Specialised training on facilities security and risk analysis.
Exemplary scope of Security Audit includes, among others:
  • analysis of potential and actual, internal and external threats of the facility,
  • assessment of performed physical infrastructure and generic tools of security system of facility as well as physical security of the facility,
  • assessment of internally applied technical infrastructure of the facility including in particular electronic protection (alarm systems, CCTV systems, etc.),
  • assessment of complementarity level and cooperation between components of security system of the facility,
  • penetration tests conducted at different times of facility functioning,
  • thorough analysis of documentation concerning functioning of the security system for the facility, including but not limited to security plan together with all appendices and annexes, documentation on technical security of the facility, the facility rules, design documentation (on compliance with fire safety requirements),
  • analysis of risks related with health and safety at work.
Security Audit provides a detailed report which includes:
  • careful and thorough assessment of the level of threats for the facility as well as actual and potential risks related to its functioning,
  • assessment of existing physical and technical security system of the facility as well as an up-to-date documentation on safety,
  • proposals for changes aiming to optimize the status of facility security,
  • action procedures aiming to eliminate or minimize risks and threats of facility functioning identified in the course of the audit.

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