Physical protection

Ensuring physical protection is one of the fundamental ways of providing security services. It means maintaining a permanent presence of employees in the guarded facility. Teams of physical protection of facility employees are responsible for safeguarding the people and property located in the guarded facility and preventing dangerous situations including burglaries, theft, acts of vandalism and risks related to the performance of the building infrastructure including fire, water damage etc.

Since 1992 Delta Security has specialised in ensuring the safety of its Clients in the form of physical protection. It is based on security plans which take in account the nature of business carried out in the guarded facility as well as potential risks and threats related to facility operation drawn up by our experts.

We provide safety for:


large industrial complexes,


shopping centres,


banks (including head offices and branches),


logistics and warehouse centres,


office complexes,


small- and medium-sized enterprises and local points of sale.

Security agents of Delta Security are equipped with technical measures supporting the provision of service (including but not limited to the patrol system Active Guard) and means of communication ensuring contact inside the building and from the Alarm Monitoring Centre (AMC). Mobile patrols of Delta Security intervention groups additionally support delivery of protection services.

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