Cash-in transit

Convoy services are provided pursuant to the Ordinance of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 14th October 1998 concerning the detailed rules and requirements for the safety of money and valuables kept and transported by entrepreneurs and other organizational units ( Dz. U. No 129, item 858).

Convoy crews of Delta Security each time operate under the instructions which sets convoy routes, the structure of the group and the tactic of action relating to emergency procedure in the event of danger.

Our offer includes




guarded transport of weapons and ammunition,


guarded transport of items of value.

The most experienced employees who hold the license of a qualified security guard and have psychophysical aptitude to efficiently carry out the tasks entrusted to them are chosen for the convoy service. Guards are equipped with firearms, bulletproof vests, Tonfa batons, security suitcases for keeping money handcuffed to the guard’s wrist and vehicles adapted to such types of operations.

Delta Security guarantees high quality of provided convoy services and most of all security of entrusted property. We take full responsibility for the provided services which additionally have a comprehensive insurance coverage related to convoying.

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