Electronic Watch Register

EGuard – modern form of the registry enables grouping of information, data filtering and ensures safety of the stored data.

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    Electronic form which registers and groups events

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    Easier data search, mass reporting

  • innovation_ico_1-3

    Safety of the archived data

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    Access to current information on the events in the object

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    Intuitive and simple interface

  • innovation_ico_1-6

    Compatibility with the latest mobile devices

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    The application is available on the website

Work control system and individual safety of the security officer

Active Guard – electronic systems of control and reporting for the performed patrol. Easy checkpoint reading and real-time event notification with automated email reports creates effective performance of our security services.

The immediate call for help function (PANIC) as well as the twoway voice communication enables direct contact with the security officer, directly supervised by the operators of the 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Centre.

Active Track – this modern device combines the function of a personal GPS with a cell phone. This device is easy to use, monitors the current location of the user and enables two-way communication. This function allows the user to request help and support in any dangerous environments, working in conjunction with the built in Man Down sensor it will immediately alert the necessary persons of the users potential emergency situation.

Delta Drone Concept

Ultramodern, multifunctional device enhancing both the control capabilities as well as the scope of observation.

Especially used for:

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    Photographing the terrain and making videos from the air – very helpful in creating marketing materials

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    Photographing parking spots, patterns and usage

  • innovation_ico_3-3

    Photographing public events

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    Supervision and control of large scale industrial facilities

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    Examining the technical state, damage, difficulties resulting from changing and difficult weather conditions, e.g. wind, rainfall, heavy snowfall

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    Specialist inspections, preparing for OHS audits, examining the state of roofs including elevation – especially in hard to reach areas

  • innovation_ico_3-7

    Periodical examination of the highvoltage power lines

Mobile Auditing Tablet

This application enhances the performance of periodic inspections and operates on multifunction tablets. It uses specially prepared control lists, adjusts to the individual needs of the objective and ordered inspection characteristics.

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    Swift, precise and effective inspection of the objective

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    Preparing and real-time updates of the inspection report

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    Additional features of photos and videos can be easily combined within the documents

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    Internet connection facilitates reporting

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    Tablet – standard equipment of the security team