Delta Group

We specialize in comprehensive protection of industrial, commercial, service, public utility facilities, individuals and their property and cash-in-transit service and providing security at mass events by experienced and qualified team of employees using the latest technology. We may also provide service and maintenance of technical security measures, assembly and monitoring of alarm systems connected with the support of intervention groups.

Delta Business Service Sp. z o.o. since 2006 has been providing comprehensive services of real estate in the south-west of Poland.

Investing in a highly qualified personnel and having an excellent technical resources at our disposal, we are ready to take professional care of every kind of building regardless of its intended use, standard or surface. Our specialists and regular employees provide services for many modern production plants, large storehouses, office blocks, leisure and sports facilities and commercial centres. Our technology department carefully adjusts system of our services to the nature of each real estate aiming to ensure the smooth operation of the whole infrastructure of the building.

Within a comprehensive approach to our services, we also offer maintenance of outdoor areas around the property including garden design, maintenance of green areas and implementation of irrigation and drainage systems.

Helping hand in your business is our motto, which reflects the comprehensive nature of our offer. No matter what problems you face when using your property, we will try to find the right solution!

Geneza European Security Academy sięga 1982 roku

European Security Academy was established in 1982. The founder is dr Andrzej Bryl, an expert in close protection, the author of the military fighting system BAS and a martial arts master. At the end of the seventies, dr Andrzej Bryl developed tactical-fighting system BAS for close combat. After the presentation at the General Staff Academy of the Polish Armed Forces, the system has been found as exceptionally effective and recommended for implementation in military and police special forces during wartime.

European Security Academy maintains training programs enhanced with standards applied in the USA, Russia and Israel at the basic and advanced level and on close protection as well as:


protection tactics in high risk conditions


tactical shooting




close combat


elements of EU law concerning protective measures

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